Deluxe C-Section Recovery Box

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It's no secret how much a woman’s body goes through after having a baby. The Deluxe C-Section Recovery Box eases the healing process by equipping Mama with all the best postpartum products needed to relieve discomfort after a C-Section delivery. This thoughtfully curated C-Section recovery care package is the perfect way to let the new mom know you’re thinking of her and care about her wellness. From panties made specifically for C-Section healing to nourishing scar cream, this all-in-one C-Section gift box helps Mama take care of herself amidst all the caring for baby. All items are full size.

Box includes: C-Section recovery panty, overnight cotton pads, abdominal heat / cool pack, post pregnancy panties, stool softener, perineal cleansing bottle, C-Section healing cream, stretch mark / scar oil, candle, and tips for each product from one mama to another. Product brands may vary.

We recommend purchasing before baby arrives if possible. That way, mama has everything she needs in advance to feel more at ease going into the labor & delivery process.


If you don't absolutely love it, if it's not totally you, if for any reason you're not thrilled; no worries, send it on back for a full refund or exchange it out for something else - no questions asked.


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